Make The World You Want

It made headlines when GoDaddy decided to sit out of the 2019 Super Bowl. Instead of spending $5MM on a single 30-second spot, we decided to invest across digital, with six Makers at the center our messaging.

  • Took over the YouTube masthead, returning five times the views of a Super Bowl spot, at fraction of the cost, inviting a massive stream of two-way conversation on YouTube and retargeting opportunities.
  • The marquee video was shot and published in multi-formats, designed to optimize for the individual platforms.
  • Every day, a new nano, micro, or macro influencer posted how they are making the world they want, on their Instagram channels. This gained over 2.5MM impressions and 100K+ engagements on a monthly basis.
  • To capture the momentum around The Grammy’s, we joined Elohim, our Maker who is an up and coming musician who advocates for mental health, in a two-hour live Twitter chat. Before the event, we designed a common response guide outlining scenarios and example responses, pre-drafted posts, and staffed a ten-person war room inclusive of creative, paid social, writing, engagement and content.
  • Partnering with media partners, such as Cheddar TV, delivered over 3MM social impressions and 1.5MM views from 8 unique co-branded episodes and 16 social posts. The episodes featured our Makers, GoDaddy execs, and top business tips.
  • Using the native question stickers in Instagram Stories, we prompted community engagement by asking people to share how they are making the world they want, turning UGC answers into a Story collage.
  • Instagram Takeovers with Ayesha Curry and Lyn Slater.
  • Set up robust listening queries in Sprinklr to find conversation surrounding the subway campaign in social, engaging in the two-way conversation. We also bought six Snapchat filters around New York City, each aligning with a different Maker.