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Shannon is an absolute powerhouse with social, a driven director and a passionate creative mind. She brings a level of inspiration and intensity to finding solutions to problems in every project, has a constant positive mindset and is an excellent leader. She is amazing on camera or on conference calls. Somehow, she makes it all seem so easy, but as you know, that’s the greatest skill of all.

Nicklaus Deyring
Executive Creative Director at LG

Shannon is the one of the most dynamic, creative and inspirational business leaders that I have ever had the honor to get to know and the privilege to work with. She is the rare leader who is passionate about her mission and she builds her team up in the process. Shannon is a bright light of energy and vision and she is fun to work with! She is an asset to any organization that she is part of.

Steve Hicks
Helping the World’s Best Brands Create Happy Customers, Cultivating Strength and Positive Changes For People

Shannon is exceptional at so many things: spotting opportunities in all places including those that reside “outside the box,” enrolling and inspiring teams to take on even the toughest challenges, making sure that clients and partners always feel like she is mindful of their needs, and working extremely well with executives and colleagues. I have witnessed Shannon’s enviable “start tackling this right away” attitude and her thoroughness and commitment to the best results possible. In a heartbeat, I would work with Shannon again and again. She is truly a polished gem in a field of rough stones.

Michael Salort
CEO, Symbiotic Pictures

Shannon is about the most personable, positive person I’ve met in a long time. For the time that I’ve known Shannon, her experience, reputation and performance has exceeded any expectations set in front of her. While working with Shannon on setting up her last contract assignment, she was easy to work with and helped the process go as smoothly as possible. Microsoft is lucky to have her and I look forward to staying in touch while she’s there. 

Dan Ratliff
Vice President – Outsourced Operations