CX Today CX Leader of the Year Award Winner

I’m humbled to be recognized as the 2023 Winner of the CX Today CX Leader of the Year Award. The award not only recognizes success but great leadership, influence, and someone who has made an outstanding contribution to their company. I thank my entire team, and my partners at Sprinklr, for their collaboration and for helping me to do what I do. In this clip, you can see the announcement and my acceptance speech.

Finalist: 2019 Digiday Social Media Team of the Year

The heart of my mission as GoDaddy’s Global VP of Brand Social was to empower entrepreneurs everywhere with the goal of making opportunity more inclusive for all. While GoDaddy had this mission for years, the company regularly missed the mark on how that was messaged. The social program that I adopted when I joined was, in the opinion of our partners like Facebook and YouTube, worse than doing nothing at all. It was an inelegant parking lot for ads that felt random, chaotic and dull.

My role was created to transform GoDaddy’s social marketing efforts with a holistic and considered approach. I began by listening and collecting data, then built a robust, multi-pronged strategy with detailed KPIs and a proprietary social buzz measurement (Social Buzz) that captured our progress in 13 global regions against our competitive set. I evaluated and onboarded new tools and built a world-class team from the ground-up, inclusive of twelve people whose skillsets aligned with my eight strategic social pillars: Strategy, Content, Video, Listening & Response, Paid Social, Influencer Marketing, Events, and Analytics. I introduced new programs that got to the heart of GoDaddy’s mission and put the everyday entrepreneur at the center of our story.

Some of our exciting results:

  • Launched 7 original video series featuring 106 entrepreneurs and driving nearly 12MM views
  • Photographed 306 entrepreneurs globally across 16 cities, gaining 366K engagements
  • Put 504 influencers in market who generated 185MM impressions and 622K engagements
  • Activated relevant, cultural moments such as The Grammy’s, where we engaged with Elohim in a Live Twitter Chat that drew 4K engagements and 10MM impressions in only two hours
  • Engaged in 20K+ one-to-one authentic conversations with customers and everyday entrepreneurs

Winner: 2017 Digiday Award for Best Use of Live Streaming

My role: Social strategy, Content storyboard, Sales pitch
My company: Group Nine Media
Client: Royal Caribbean

In 2017, Royal Caribbean wanted to promote their new ship, Harmony of the Seas, through compelling digital content. As part of the Thrillist Branded Content team, I worked closely with Sales to pitch and win the business for a Facebook Live video from the ship–the first-ever branded Facebook Live video for Group Nine, and a first for the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The stream covered everything from spa treatments, to adrenaline-inducing activities, to world-class culinary experiences.

Some of our exciting results:

  • 1MM+ Facebook Live video views
  • 4.5MM+ Facebook Live social impressions
  • 1MM+ Facebook Live video engagements
  • Royal Caribbean Hashtag and Handle mentions on Facebook and Twitter more than doubled the November daily average the day of the post (172% increase)