School of Hustle

With Video becoming increasingly necessary in a marketing mix and a critical driver of building Social Buzz, GoDaddy would need to start producing video for first time. While this would be a daunting project for some marketers, the entrepreneur in me welcomed the challenge. I concepted, hosted, and launched GoDaddy’s first episodic video series, School of Hustle, an interview format series where entrepreneurs discuss their journeys, answer entrepreneurial questions, play a rapid-fire game, and even offer advice to a pug.

I regularly tested full-length and short clips across platforms, to understand what segments resonated the most across Facebook, IGTV, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Based on my learnings, I distributed appropriate content to the appropriate audiences. The series introduced us to new audiences that we could then retarget through layered storytelling and direct response ads, which generated revenue and grew brand health 3x.

In two years, the show featured ~60 entrepreneurs across a highly diverse matrix (i.e.: Danica Patrick; Candytopia Founder, Jackie Sorkin; Hinge Founder, Justin McLeod; Project Runway Finalist Garo Sparo; Restauranteur, Michael Chernow), gained over 100 million organic impressions, drove millions of views across formats and became a cornerstone in GoDaddy’s brand outreach.

Here are some examples. The full playlist can be found on GoDaddy’s YouTube page. (Following his run on School of Hustle, Noodle became a viral TikTok star…)