Make The World You Want

It made headlines when GoDaddy decided to sit out of the 2019 Super Bowl. Instead of spending $5MM on a single 30-second spot, we decided to invest across digital, with six Makers at the center our messaging. That messaging would embody breaking through barriers, launching a successful business, while working to make the world a better place. But the content push would not be enough. We would also need to find a way to engage the community to join in the conversation, participate, and share how they are making the world that they want, too.

Here is an overview around the varied content strategies I led on the team:

  • Rather than during the Big Game, our marquee campaign video launched on the YouTube masthead. This returned five times the views of a Super Bowl spot, at fraction of the cost. But perhaps more importantly, it invited a massive stream of two-way conversation on YouTube and retargeting opportunities.
  • The marquee video was shot and published in multi-formats, designed to optimize for the individual platforms.
  • Every day, a new nano, micro, or macro influencer posted how they are making the world they want, on their Instagram channels. This gained over 2.5MM impressions and 100K+ engagements on a monthly basis.
  • To capture the momentum around The Grammy’s, we joined Elohim, our Maker who is an up and coming musician who advocates for mental health, in a two-hour live Twitter chat. Before the event, we designed a common response guide outlining scenarios and example responses, pre-drafted posts, and staffed a ten-person war room inclusive of creative, paid social, writing, engagement and content.
  • Partnering with media partners, such as Cheddar TV, delivered over 3MM social impressions and 1.5MM views from 8 unique co-branded episodes and 16 social posts. The episodes featured our Makers, GoDaddy execs, and top business tips.
  • Using the native question stickers in Instagram Stories, we prompted community engagement by asking people to share how they are making the world they want, turning UGC answers into a Story collage.
  • Because Ayesha Curry and Lyn Slater each personally have a strong Instagram presence, we designed two different types of Instagram Takeovers with them. In each case, Ayesha and Lyn posted on their platform that they are taking over GoDaddy’s Instagram and to follow GoDaddy to see the exclusive content.
    • For Ayesha’s takeover, we seeded questions to the GoDaddy and Ayesha audience, asking for people to share a question for Ayesha. Ayesha picked the questions she liked best and answered them, selfie style.
    • For Lyn’s takeover, Lyn shared video clips from a day-in-the-life during Fashion Week in NYC.
  • The wider team would be buying out the Herald Square subway station in an out-of-home marketing effort. To extend this into digital, we set up robust listening queries in Sprinklr to find conversation surrounding the subway campaign in social, engaging in the two-way conversation. We also bought six Snapchat filters around New York City, each aligning with a different Maker.