True Blood Season Five premieres tonight

Characters in True Blood

Lucky Duck joins the cast of True Blood out in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

In anticipation of True Blood’s fifth season tonight on HBO, Lucky Duck went out to Louisiana to interview the characters of True Blood. From left to right, starting on the top: Eric Northman, Bill Compton, Sookie the fairy, Jason Stackhouse, Sam the shape shifter, and Lafayette, with the demon he’s been visualizing.

As we hang in the balance on the Sookie-Eric-Bill love triangle, whether or not Tara’s gunshot wound is fatal, and Russell’s goal to turn society upside down, Lucky Duck was able to uncover some cool facts to snack on, while we watch it all unfold this season.

1. Eric Northman was in Zoolander!

Eric Northman
Eric Northman in Zoolander

Yes, Alexander Skarsgard played Meekus, Zoolander’s friend who died in a freak gasoline accident. I had no idea, until a trip to New York recently. I was flying home, sitting in first class in row one, with the Director for HBO GO. We had a blast. He filled me in on this big news, and I made him prove it on his *unnamed tablet device.*


2. The opening credits were filmed in Seattle

Wikipedia on True Blood Title Sequence

Wikipedia makes this credit, but personally, I know this first hand. A good friend of mine is IN the opening credits, and I know that she filmed locally. This is her leg.

Holly in True Blood opening credits

Oh, and the girl in black lingerie is Anna Paquin herself! Although, these days, she’s enjoying wearing floral to cover her baby bump. She’s married to Bill Compton in real life! Will they have a baby vampire?

I can’t wait for tonight’s episode! I’m a huge fan.

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