Lucky Duck appreciates a good throwback

Throwback Pepsi Cans

Lucky Duck sips Pepsi from a retro can.

A nostalgic wave of happiness came over me when I was watching the Blue Angels. I looked over at the blanket next to me and saw that a woman was drinking a Pepsi out of a Throwback can. I couldn’t resist thinking of the old Billy Crystal commercials.

billy crystal for diet pepsi

What we’re gonna do right here is go back. Way back. Back into time.

Oddly, “Throwback” has been a recurring theme lately. Just a couple of days before watching the Blue Angels, I was at a Throwback party wearing my old L.A. Gear jean jacket.

Today on the radio, I heard that Saved by the Bell is “the Best School TV Show of All Time.” It’s true. You can confirm it on MSN’s Wonderwall. Apparently, anything Disney is cranking out today isn’t topping Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski. I believe it. That was a great show. Remember when Zack and Kelly broke up at the high school prom? It truly has to be the biggest breakup of all time. AC Slater was singing Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?” with Jessie Spano, as Kelly dumped Zack for her boss, Jeff…

In speaking of Michael Bolton… 

Michael Bolton used to babysit my husband Mike from time to time in Connecticut. He had a crush on Mike’s babysitter and would come over with his guitar to serenade her and entertain little kid Mike and his brother.

I really liked Michael Bolton. In 1989, I was in the 5th grade, and my mom’s friend at work had – wait for it – A CD PLAYER! He recorded me a Michael Bolton mixtape from his CDs, and I’d play it on a small boombox in my bedroom.

TV theme songs from the 80’s

Recently at work, I got an email that one of the empty cubes had a bunch of DVDs ripe for the picking. I raced over to the cube and picked out two that looked pretty exciting.

Dallas and Growing Pains

Dallas is the best television intro of all time. And the show itself had its moments. “Who shot JR?” is probably one of the most famous storylines of prime time telelvision. However, season 8’s “dream season” got goofy when Victoria Principle’s character found Bobby in the shower, after he had been hit by a car and died. So thrilled to own the Final Season. Giddy up!

Growing Pains, another one of my favorites, had a pretty good theme song too. I used to sing along…

More Throwback Jamz

If you haven’t started listening to tunes on your TV, you should start. Channel 907 is my new favorite. It’s called Throwback Jamz and plays cool stuff, like Teena Marie, After 7, New Edition – no Michael Bolton so far.

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