Noi Due at 143 W. 69th is delicious

Olive Pizza at Noi Due

Lucky Duck nibbles the olive pizza at Noi Due. Yum yum!

I made a new friend, Sarri, at The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Gala in November. Tonight, we reconnected, and she picked a wonderful spot for us to eat a fantastic Italian meal on the Upper West Side – Noi Due.

Packed and lively, yet cozy and friendly

The Bar at Noi Due

They don’t take reservations, so be prepared to wait. It’s worth it. Half of New York agrees; everyone is happy to wait for a table here. For our two top, it was only 15-20 minutes. We drank the House Sangria while we waited, and it was delish!

Sangria at Noi Due

Fresh, house-baked bread and a great menu

Fresh baked bread at Noi Due

Soup and Eggplant at Noi Due

Artichoke Salad at Noi Due

We ordered the Sweet Potato soup, Eggplant, Artichoke Salad, and Olive Pizza. Next time will be a total cheese-fest – I’m getting the macaroni and cheese balls and the four cheese lasagna.

The Dolce de Leche dessert is worth a video

I can’t wait to come back

You should definitely check it out. I know you won’t be disappointed!

Noi Due facade

Noi Due facade

For those people reading this who don’t live in New York, the blue A in the window is GOOD – this isn’t The Scarlet Letter. In New York, the Health Department does random inspections on food establishments and awards a letter grade that you HAVE to post in your window. Noi Due has gotten the best grade.

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Lucky Duck gets great food and a good value at LunchBox Laboratory

Lunchbox Laboratory at South Lake Union

Lucky Duck gets burger all over his feathers at LunchBox Laboratory.

You know you’re eating a great burger when you take a bite, and it’s so juicy that it drips onto your fingers and plate. Yum yum. LunchBox Laboratory makes a yummy burger. You can play mad scientist and create any burger your heart desires. If you want bacon on it, they’ll give you six slices. Or, you can pick from one of the burgers on the menu, but note the *, which means that you can’t make any substitutions.

The menu at LunchBox Laboratory

The Native New Yorker was the obvious choice. I loved the Buffalo ketchup, which gave it a spicy, chicken wing sort of taste, which I’ve never experienced on a burger. Very very yum.

The Native New Yorker burger at LunchBox Laboratory

Also, in the spirit of mini hotdogs, I had to start with the mini Dogs on a Stick.

Mini corn dogs at LunchBox Laboratory

And here’s a look at the awesome Caesar Salad, but I do want to clarify that I wasn’t eating all of this food on my own.

Caesar salad at LunchBox Laboratory

Mike and I ate outside on the patio, but they’ve really captured a fun, cool vibe inside the restaurant. How? Through old lunchboxes! I was thrilled to see yet another nod to “throwback,” which has been an oddly recurring theme over the last couple of weeks.

Old Peanuts and Heathcliff lunchboxes

Old Star Wars lunchbox

I think you should definitely make time to come out to LunchBox Laboratory. If you can come after 3:00 for Happy Hour, you’ll get your burger half off, seven days a week. Also, if you check in on Facebook, they’ll give you deal on drinks.

In speaking of drinks, try the Astronauts Mimosa – it’s champagne topped with Tang. I have to mention that the Cocktail menu includes several drinks mixed with Tang, which adds to the nostalgic feeling you’ll have eating here.

The cocktail menu at LunchBox Laboratory includes Tang

As we were leaving, I placed one of my rubber duckies from the DUCK HUNT in my tabletop lunchbox, on top of the salt and pepper shakers. As I was leaving, the host asked if I meant to leave my duck on the table. :/ Ugh, I was caught! I quickly said yes and walked quickly down the sidewalk.

LunchBox Laboratory

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LunchBox Laboratory
1253 Thomas Street
Seattle, WA
(206) 621-1090
OPEN: 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. EVERY DAY

Lucky Duck takes the nurse to Green Turtle Restaurant in Gig Harbor

Lucky Duck and the nurse at Green Turtle in Gig Harbor

Lucky Duck eats lunch in Gig Harbor with the nurse from the doctor’s office.

Last week, when I got my mole removed at Dr. Knox’s office, Lucky Duck made friends with his nurse. Today, we all had lunch at The Green Turtle, and it was delish!

Lucky Duck and nurse eat at Green Turtle

The sun even came out for a bit, and the view was gorgeous as we ate our meals. I had the Spicy Seafood Special.

Lucky Duck and nurse eat lunch

When it was time for dessert, we had the bread pudding.

Lucky Duck and nurse eat dessert

You probably recall my last review in Gig Harbor for JW, my friend Jason’s restaurant, which I LOVE. Gig Harbor is a beautiful place that you should definitely come visit. You definitely won’t leave hungry!

You may even find a yellow rubber duck in the DUCK HUNT. Lucky Duck and I went through Gig Harbor and hid his friends in some cool spots. Click the pictures to enlarge, and see if you can spot the duckies!

Ben and Jerry Cow

Gargoyle at Uptown

Toy boat

The DUCK HUNT reaches Gig Harbor!

This anchor spot was a popular one. In the photo below, you can see the family who was very interested in the duck. The kids were laughing. The mom said, “Random!” And the dad turned to us and said, “Hey, did you see this!? A duck!” I was like, “Oh wow!” hehe.

A family finds a duck

I had my first “winner” in the DUCK HUNT today, and I was thrilled. Cute little Magnus found a ducky at the Kirkland waterfront. If you like Lucky Duck on Facebook, you can check out the great photo his mom sent in.