Be a part of the DUCKarazzi: Send your duck photos to Lucky Duck’s Facebook page

Shannon is a DUCKarazzi

Lucky Duck loves when the DUCKarazzi comes out to take his picture.

Lucky Duck’s Facebook page has a new album: The DUCKarazzi! And I’d love for you to participate. You can even win an item from Lucky Duck’s online store.

Recently, I won the Cozi Summer of Ducks photo contest, and it got me thinking… now that Lucky Duck has a logo and a store on Cafe Press, I can run a contest of my own! Here’s how this will work:

  1. Like Lucky Duck on Facebook.
  2. Take a cool duck photo. It can be a random duck you find in your adventures. Or if you have a duck of your own, stage a fun photo.
  3. Upload your duck photo to Lucky Duck’s Facebook page. Or, upload it to your own page and tag Lucky Duck.

I’m pretty excited to have gotten a dozen ducky photos from throughout the U.S. A big thank you goes out to these friends, for submitting to the DUCKarazzi: Ari, LeeAnn, Kelly, June, Jay, my other friend Jay, Jean, Dena, Melissa, Mandy, Deb, Suchi, and Ursula.

The DUCKarazzi is on Lucky Duck's Facebook page