Anyone who spends time on a computer should wear a pair of GUNNAR glasses

Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear

Lucky Duck got a very special pair of glasses today.

They look cool, right? It’s not even that obvious that the lenses are yellow. GUNNAR glasses are designed to be worn when you’re on a computer, a slate, a phone (any digital device) – or when you’re playing a game. GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear is proven to minimize eyestrain and visual stress caused by digital usage.

The digital age isn’t “normal”

When God, the Universe, Mother Nature, or the monkeys created man a billion years ago, there was no Facebook, XBox Live, PC, or big screen TV. Eyes were created to hunt and gather, not sit at a screen for hours upon hours.

Our digital footprint is changing drastically

Up until about a year ago, I worked at a computer during the work day, occasionally checked MySpace, and carried a pink RAZR.

These days, I’m still on a PC at work, but I’m also looking at my Windows Phone and Facebook page, (I even adopted a fake pet online!) I’m blogging a lot at night with Lucky Duck, playing Angry Birds on the iPad, and watching the huge TV I got for my wedding. When you add it all up, that’s a LOT of time spent in front of a screen.

In the last few months, I’ve started to notice that my eyes have been hurting, and I’ve been waking up every day with headaches.

It’s Digital Eye Fatigue, and it’s treatable

Relax! You don’t have to resurrect the RAZR. Keep the smart camera phone. Consider talking to your eye doctor about getting a pair of GUNNAR glasses. (And YES, insurance WILL cover these.) Here’s how they work:

  • Wrap design limits air flow, creating a high humidity area to lubricate your eyes and reduce dryness and itchiness.
  • Signature tints filter out hard fluorescent light. This relaxes the ocular muscle and decreases eyestrain. Also, contrast is enhanced for sharper, clearer vision.
  • Anti-reflective coating reduces reflection and glare.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic for all-day use.
  • Slight magnification built into the lenses; although, if necessary, you can get a prescription put in, even progressives.

Official patient results

I’ve used my Gunnar glasses for one day, and I’m really excited. I definitely believe and will continue to wear these whenever I’m at a computer. And I’m not alone. Check out these patient results:

  • 100% reported improved ease of viewing.
  • 96% reported reduction in eye strain.
  • 90% would recommend the use of GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear.
  • 80% reported their eyes were less tired when wearing GUNNARS.
  • 79% said that wearing GUNNAR eyewear increased their productivity.

But how do they look on?

I think they look awesome and funky. The tinted lens works for me, and I picked out a chunky pair called Anime. There were many options. In fact, I ordered them in two colors – black and gold. At only $99.00 a piece, I could get two with my insurance and only pay about 20 bucks out of pocket.

Want to see them on? Here’s a quick snapshot that Kaarin took in our office today to show my new Gunnars off.

What do you think?

Me in my new Gunnars

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