Nyan Cat Online Store is open for business


Lucky Duck checks out Nyan Cat merchandise first hand, with Chris Torres.

Chris Torres, the inventor and creator behind Nyan Cat, has brought our favorite meme to life! Chris showed me a few top sellers a couple of weeks ago, when we were dining at La Bottega in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. I love his new line of awesome Nyan Cat merchandise, available here: http://www.nyan.cat/store.php.

Thank you for the goodies, Chris!

Chris sent over a package that completely blew me away! I love my killer wallet and pink Nyan Cat tee shirt! And Kristen loves her dark colored Nyan Cat tee shirt.

There is more to go around

Chris sent me a few extra things to gift out to a few lucky Lucky Duck readers. If you’d like something in Fireside Chat #20, like Lucky Duck on Facebook! and let me know.

A little bit about Nyan Cat

With almost 100 Million views, the Nyan Cat YouTube sensation earned Meme of the Year last year. Here is Chris, accepting his Webby.

Chris Torres wins the Webby for Meme of the Year last year

Blush Photo photographs Nyan Cat’s first birthday

My sister, Kristen, owner of Blush Photo, photographed Nyan Cat’s first birthday party: http://blushphoto.net/blog/photos-of-nyan-cats-birthday-party/

Here is my favorite shot from the fete – Nyan Cat’s manager, Ben Lashes, with Chris, by Blush Photo.

ben lashes and chris torres

Lucky Duck blogs on the Pop-up Shop in NYC

Around Christmastime, Nyan Cat opened up a popup shop in New York City’s Lower East Side. We went to the Space Party that kicked off the shop’s debut on Opening Night.

Chris Torres and Shannon Truax

While hanging out with the crew, Scumbag Steve gave me his internet-famous hat, and they all named me Scumbag Shannon. Who knew that memes could be so nice!?

Meme Scumbag Steve and I play at Nyan Cat's party

Scumbag Shannon

Chanel Illusion Ombre, NARS Shadow Pencil, and the NARS 15×15 book at Book Marc in The West Village

My makeup kit

Lucky Duck recommends Chanel and NARS eye makeup.

As The Oscars are unfolding on television tonight, the dresses and jewelry are causing quite a buzz – rightfully so. My favorite moment from The Red Carpet this year was seeing Queen Latifah in Badgley Mischka!

Lucky Duck is taking a different angle on beauty and fashion tonight and talking about makeup, again.

Let me establish credibility

I was a Spokesperson for Estee Lauder for years and would present at Macy’s department stores, all across Western Washington.

Shannon Harms is a spokesperson for Estee Lauder

Beauty Fashion magazine quoted me in Downtown Seattle.

Shannon Harms-Truax in Beauty Fashion Magazine

Chanel Illusion Ombre

My first makeup technique in my original makeup post from Seattle is:

1. Start your lid with an eye shadow base; it will help prevent your shadow from creasing and will bring out the color of your powder shadow.

Chanel’s Illusion Ombre is my new favorite, preferred choice for a nice creamy shadow to pat on first. I’ve been using this product for three weeks and am very pleased. It doesn’t crease, and you can use the brush that comes with it to swipe on over your eyeliner for instant pop, shimmer, and shine.

Chanel Illusion Ombre

Top row, left to right: Vision, Mirafique, Fantasme; Bottom row, left to row: Epatant, Apparence

The makeup is spongy to the touch and glides on nicely. The colors are sheer, which is nice for a casual look all by itself, or as a wonderful base to layer on your other stuff.

And because my second tip in my original technique blog post  is…

2. You can wear any color of eye shadow; you just have to find the right shade.

… I want to clarify the difference between Vision on the top left corner above and Apparence, in the bottom right corner, for you shimmery gold lovers out there. Vision is a bright gold (swatch on the far left on my hand below), and Apparence has more color density to it (far right, below). They are different enough to get both, especially when Vision is a Limited Edition.

Chanel Illusion Ombre swatches

NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

I am in love with three of the NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils. Pictured below, top to bottom: Corcovado, Empire, and Aigle Noir.

NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils

Because tip #4 in my original post is…

4. Don’t miss seasonal products that are limited editions.

I made sure to follow Chanel Vision suit and not miss the golden Corcovado Soft Touch Shadow Pencil that NARS put out for Spring this year. These pencils are not dry and painful to use. They glide on nicely as a smooth gel, and you really don’t have to sharpen it very often. I think I will have these FOREVER.

TIP: You can keep pencils longer in your kit because you sharpen them when they wear; they don’t just sit in the box growing bacteria.

My favorite technique with these products

I have been enjoying putting down the Chanel Vision or Apparence first, and penciling Aigle Noir on my lid. Then, I’ll take a light Clinique powder shadow in a beige-gold color and go over everything to smooth it out.


Francois NARS photographs his celeb canvases

And I was such a Lucky Duck today to have found NARS’ 15×15 book on Book Marc’s Sale table today in The West Village!! There are many reasons why this is cool:

  • It is numbered copy 430 of 1500, so it’s a collector’s edition! And what’s more, my lucky number is 43.
  • It has a price tag of 86 pounds (equivalent to almost $200 USD) inside, but I got it for only $10.00! Ten. Dollars.

Book Marc in The West Village

  • It is absolutely stunning, and Marc Jacobs is featured.

Marc Jacobs in NARS 15x15 book

Book Marc is a Marc Jacobs store

I asked my sales person about the book shop, Book Marc (LOVE the clever name!), which sits diagonally from Marc Jacob’s’ clothing store. This location was historically an important book store in NYC, so when the space became available, Marc picked it up and began carrying books, since his clothing stores feature cool books anyway.

Book Marc in The West Village

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GLITTERRINGS and the Jill Zarin Jewelry Collections dazzle at NYC Fashion Week


Lucky Duck is blinded by the sparkle of GLITTERRINGS.

After the Badgley Mischka fashion show, I walked over to The Stone Rose Lounge to enjoy some time at The Daily Front Row Style Lounge – and I’m glad I did. I was introduced to GLITTERRINGS!

GLITTERRINGS is a stunning product

I saw a lot of beautiful things on the runways during Fashion Week, but I have to say that one of the best things that I saw, hands down, is the Heather ring, by GLITTERRINGS, and I’ve been wearing it around the clock for the last three days.

And it’s affordable

It’s the Year of the Snake, so right away the cool snake skin leather inlay caught my eye. And I love the steely silver Hematite. But the stone – wow, it’s a huge and truly gorgeous Swarovski Elements stone. I immediately priced this out at about $400 just by looking at it, and I’m generally spot on when I guess a price point. Well guess what – I was off. WAY. OFF. Heather goes for $65.00 on the website.


A look at some other beautiful pieces in the collection

On the Store product page, you can find these.



The Jill Zarin Collection is beautiful and sophisticated

You can also check out the new line by Jill Zarin, which includes two distinct styles. On one end, you have a collection inspired by the signature neighborhoods of New York City: Downtown, Lincoln Center, Chinatown, Broadway, and The Upper East Side. The second style includes fashion statements that are inspired by Jill’s travels around the world.

The Jill Zarin Collection

I am very excited to have a GLITTERRINGS, and I am going to buy a gunmetal colored nail polish this weekend to celebrate this gorgeous new ring!

The Jill Zarin Collection

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Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl shows at Fashion Week 2013. Exclusive interviews with Stacy and Rosario Dawson.


Lucky Duck absolutely loves Stacy Igel’s British-rock-inspired new line.

The Conair tent on W. 18th street was in a frenzy in anticipation of seeing Stacy Igel’s new line, as well as Leah Labelle perform live on the runway.

Stacy Igel debuts a new kids’ line

The show opened to Spice Girls, and cute kiddos in the coolest kid clothes came out strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Right away, I  knew that this would be a very interesting show! Gia Giudice, whose mom Teresa appears on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, owned her moment on the stage and did a great job selling us on the pink zip-up. Very cute!

Leah Labelle comes out British Invasion style to perform

As Leah Labelle performed live, models dazzled the audience in lots of reds, pinks, and blues. My personal favorite was the tights with the letter blocks strategically and artistically spelling out Boy Meets Girl.

Exclusive Interview with Stacy Igel

After the show, I had a chance to interview Stacy Igel and ask her to describe the inspiration for this new collection. She said that it’s a British-Punk inspired line, and she even picked music to accompany that vibe – Spice Girls, and the live British Invasion number by Leah. The collection defines living life and having fun, with pops of color and prints.

Exclusive Interview with Rosario Dawson

When I asked Rosario Dawson what her favorite piece was, she talked about the one with the drop crotch, as well as the tights that I loved.

Miss New York and Miss Teen New York are fans

I had a chance to talk with Joanne Nosuchinsky, Miss New York USA and Nikki Orlando, Miss New York Teen USA. They said that they love the comfy feel of Stacy’s line. And not only were they a fan of Stacy, but they became a fan of Lucky Duck and asked if they could pose with Lucky and make duck faces!


Brian Igel helps me video a recap of the Miss New Yorks

I wanted to make a video of the tent and talk about this photo, so I grabbed Stacy’s husband Brian, who was so kind to play cameraman for a quick moment. What a nice thing to do in the midst of Fashion Week chaos.

Teresa Giudice loves the new kids line

Teresa Giudice was clearly proud of Gia and a supporter of Stacy Igel’s new kids line. Teresa had on an amazing fur trimmed Winter jacket. Teresa is clearly a Fashionista, so I asked her what her favorite moment of fashion week was, and it was no surprise to hear that it was watching Gia walk the runway.


Conair makes it fun to wait for show time

When you walked in, Conair took photos of guests with hair driers. I grabbed a hot pink one, and Lucky Duck picked green, of course.

Conair picture


In this video, Alex from Dirty Sugar talks to me about how their booth works. I thought this was such an awesome idea. I felt special and had a blast picking my hair drier and signs. Thank you, Conair!!

Around the tent before and after show time







Join the crowd, and…

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Twas the Night Before Badgley Mischka…

Step and Repeat at The Daily Front Row Style Lounge

Lucky Duck walks the step and repeat at The Daily Front Row’s Style Lounge.

To get amped up for Mark Badgley and James Mischka’s new collection on display tomorrow at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I went over to The Stone Rose Lounge today to hang out with other fashion fans like myself.

The Daily Front Row hosts THE BEST lounge at Fashion Week, hands down, thanks in no small part to my friend Louis, who you can follow on Twitter @louissarmiento – who you should follow on Twitter…

Shannon Harms and Louis Sarmiento at The Daily Front Row Lounge

In fact, here’s a funny story – I was walking to the train to head over, and I thought to myself, “Louis better have a massage chair at this lounge…” and guess what – he did! I literally burst out laughing when I saw it. The Daily Front Row lounge doesn’t disappoint.  Here I am with my masseur after a fabulous complimentary service.

Love massages!

The lounge had a DJ, an open bar, and very cool products to play with and taste.

I ate Greek Yogurt with Australian model Nicole Trunfio

I had a blast at the Yoplait Greek Yogurt booth with the gorgeous Nicole Trunfio, who was incredibly charming and picked Key Lime yogurt, like I did, and put in chocolate chips, like I did.

Daily Front Row Style Lounge Yoplait

Nicole Trunfio and Shannon Harms eat Yoplait at The Daily Front Row Lounge

And then, Nicole, Louis, and I took pictures at the step and repeat and had fun for a few minutes.

Shannon, Louis, and Nicole

All of this is in anticipation for tomorrow, the heart of my Fashion Week.

Revealing my outfit for the Badgley Mischka show tomorrow

I can’t wait to wake up, put on my pretty outfit, and celebrate Mark and James’ Fall 2013 collection! I am quite pleased with the outfit I have picked out… it of course is Badgley Mischka head to toe!

So in the spirit of the big day, here is a video where I reveal everything going on my body tomorrow. Don’t mind my pjs and bunny slippers. I’m home early and comfy to make sure I’m ready for a 6:30 am wakeup call.


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Sitting front row at Rebecca Minkoff, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City

The facade at Fashion Week

Lucky Duck is a big fan of Rebecca Minkoff’s fabulous presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Minkoff’s 2013 Fall Collection kills!

Fashion stops for no one, not even the East Coast Blizzard

It went against everything I believed in, but I really didn’t have a choice…  As a foot of snow was falling on New York City, I put on my Sperry snow boots, Mackage Peaches jacket, and waterproof mascara (my only stitch of makeup!) and took the 1 train up to Columbus Circle for Rebecca Minkoff’s show at Fashion Week!

Shannon Harms at Fashin Week

DSC07538 (1)

Theophilus London didn’t mind my awkward snow gear

The Brooklyn rapper didn’t even blink an eye at my “Winter Fashion” and was very kind to me. And, he looked great!

DSC07540 DSC07542


Before show time

The Theater is abuzz! Joy grabbed some shots of me Tweeting from my seat on the runway.



Rebecca Minkoff’s show opens

The runway was a “U” around a row of us sitting in the center. Here is a shot I grabbed from my vantage point, to give an idea.

Rebecca Minkoff show at Fashion Week

The band was awesome! Just awesome. Great song choice. Nashville duo Wild Cub performed their single, “Thunder Clatter.” I want that song!

A look at Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall line

But more so – GO REBECCA MINKOFF!! What an incredible Fall line!! I loved the jackets and the shoes. I noticed that the tall “boots” were actually open in back with straps keeping them on. H.O.T. You can see what I mean in this video.

Here are some photos I grabbed from my seat. Click to enlarge.

Rebecca Minkoff's Fall Collection at Fashion Week Rebecca Minkoff's Fall Collection at Fashion Week Rebecca Minkoff's Fall Collection at Fashion Week Rebecca Minkoff's Fall Collection at Fashion Week
Rebecca Minkoff's Fall Collection at Fashion Week Rebecca Minkoff's Fall Collection at Fashion Week Rebecca Minkoff's Fall Collection at Fashion Week Rebecca Minkoff's Fall Collection at Fashion Week

The show closes, and Minkoff has a lot to smile about

This show rocked. Having experienced this from the front row was unreal. I have a Rebecca Minkoff laptop bag, and suddenly, it’s become my favorite accessory! Here’s a look at the collection coming out on all of the models at the end, and Minkoff greeting her pleased audience.

Thanks for a great show, Rebecca Minkoff! I loved it. Can’t wait to see the line in stores this Fall!

Rebecca Minkoff show at Fashion Week

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Times Square shenanigans: Toys R Us, The Big Screen, Hershey’s, then back at Basso 56

Star Wars toys at Toys R Us Times Square

Lucky Duck makes friends at Toys R Us in Times Square.

Times Square is touristy for a NYC resident, but you can’t deny that it’s fun. Tonight, Ruark and I followed our gut and made the last minute decision to get off the train at 42nd and hit up Times Square.

Freaking out in Toys R Us

I’ve been visiting Times Square for years, but for some reason, I’ve never gone into the huge Toys R Us – and clearly I’ve been missing out! Here I am freaking out in the entrance, totally overwhelmed by the huge Ferris Wheel and candy.

We got My Little Pony

After joking around about wanting the My Little Pony car, we actually got it! We thought this was fitting because Ruark was just telling me that the new My Little Pony cartoon is so well written that it’s popular among adults, not just kids.

Riding the Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us in Times Square

We shared our magical My Little Pony car with Tracy and Ann Marie from Texas!

Our My Little Pony car buddies

Larger than life Lego displays

In the Lego leg of this toy mecca, I was thrilled to see the most famous New York icons make an appearance. For example, can you even tell who the real Statue of Liberty is?

Lego Statue of Liberty The Real Statue of Liberty

Candy Land

Remember this?

King Kandy Old Candyland Board Game

I couldn’t believe that Toys R Us brings the old board game to life and has an entire Candy Land section!

Candy Land at Toys R Us

Candy Land at Toys R Us

And Barbie Land!

As excited as I was to pick out two pieces of old school candy, I was pretty psyched to see what Mattel is doing these days with Barbie and Ken. Hint – Twilight Breaking Dawn!

In this video, I recap the Toys R Us experience and provide a walking tour of Barbie Land.

No visit to Toys R Us is complete without a nod to Star Wars

Especially if you’re with Ruark, the producer of Hughes the Force!

Before heading out into Times Square and making our way to Basso 56 for dinner, I couldn’t just walk by the life sized models of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Captain Rex.

We get on the big screen in Times Square

As we were walking over to Basso 56 for dinner, we noticed that we were on the big video-tron. Can you find us?

Ruark and me in Times Square

I was pretty excited to see this and stopped to make a video. And for some reason, I got distracted when I saw that Hershey’s wasn’t too far away…

And we stopped for more candy before dinner

But to be fair, I have not eaten any of it yet. They’re all safely secured in their baggies in the kitchen for a new day.

Hershey's Store in Times Square

I had such a great meal at Basso 56 that I couldn’t spoil it with weird caramels…

Basso 56

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