Day 224, Year 3: After 40 years of business, Cache closes


I was only cutting through Time Warner Center to catch the train because it was raining. I’m glad I did. I noticed bright poorly fonted signs peeking out from a store I know well, and I knew it was sad news.

My mom and I were recently shopping at Cache in Atlantic City. Mike used to buy me lovely gifts there. My favorite slacks are a Cache find that I wore to my Microsoft interview with Heatherlyn.

To say goodbye, I picked up two Cache branded pieces for my collection at 65% off the red line, as well as an upsell by the amazing Shawn, who convinced me to buy accessories store displays.

Day 223, Year 3: Sample sale loot


Kristen and I hit the Trina Turk sample sale at Chelsea Market, after the J Brand sale a couple of weeks ago. I picked three Trina Turk pieces, including a tropical pants suit, a geometric sleeveless dress, and a floral cape dress. I also got a white J Brand tee and Spring 2015 blazer. The Park gym bag was a necessary splurge at Equinox on Saturday, so I figured I’d throw it in.