Day 93, Year 3: Coffee made by sis at Happy Bones


My sister, Kristen, is the hottest barista in New York City. I’m on jury duty today, participating in my civic obligation, next to Happy Bones. I stopped in for a beverage on my lunch break and was thrilled to see that Kris was working. A very nice treat to a very annoying requirement. While they let me go at 3:00, I do have to report in tomorrow morning.

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Day 89, Year 3: Helmut Lang sample sale


Sundays in NYC are a fabulous time to hit up sample sales, where high end designers provide second and third markdowns on already great prices.

On my way to Equinox today, I hit the Sam sale and walked out with nothing. You can’t buy something every time, or you’ll be broke. So then I hit Helmut Lang at Chelsea Market, where I picked these 4 items for $330.00, including tax.

From left to right: Ink Leather 2 blazer ($895.00), Twist Back Slack Jersey top ($175.00), Shy shorts ($255.00), Long Sleeve Variant Grid dress ($495.00).

While it’s exciting to have $2,000.00 of new top tier fashion on my wardrobe bar, I’m pretty thrilled that the jacket and shorts are size 2, and the other two pieces are XS. After losing about 30 pounds since this time last year, it feels pretty good to hit New York’s sample scene.

#LGG3 #deals

Day 88, Year 3: Cooked a meal via Russo’s


Established in 1908, Russo’s Mozzarella & Pasta is an authentic Italian grocery store in the East Village of New York City. I visited for the first time tonight, picking up fresh papardelle, olives, bolognese sauce, and mozzarella. I had a blast shopping for tonight’s dinner.

I came home, opened a bottle of wine, and cooked an awesome meal, as a treat to myself.

#LGG3 #pastanight