Day 16, Year 3: Ocean City and Atlantic City


My mom and I are quite ambitious. We woke up early and drove to Ocean City, where we walked the Boardwalk, bought salt water taffy, and browsed. We then drove through a neighborhood of mansions and parked by Tropicana.

Atlantic City is our favorite. We enjoyed coladas on the beach and lunch outside at our spot. We also made our second annual trip to AC Victoria’s Secret, where we picked new panties out for me. We got massages, grabbed dinner at Guy Fieri’s Chophouse, and gambled at Bally’s.

I’m heading home with: 2 lbs of salt water taffy, the NJ Starbucks You Are Here mug, 14 pairs of underwear, a bottle of water, and $140 in my pocket.

Day 15, Year 3: New sequins pants at Le Reve


I loved these pants when they were $500 at Calypso St. Barth. There was one pair at the sample sale last weekend in my size, for $20! People were following me around trying to get them. I heard that they didn’t fit, and that the sequins would itch. Um, they do fit, and they don’t itch…. One lady turned to her friend and said, “I tried.”

Le Rive was a bust tonight. #MyFavorite rubbed me the wrong way the whole time. I’m 15 minutes away from my train to mom’s in NJ. Thank goodness I’m getting outta here.