Day 282, Year 3: Kristen Blush shoots me for #YourStorybyKristenBlush


I’ve posted Hearst elevator selfies, but never one quite like this! Kristen decided to feature me in her Instagram project that’s gaining momentum in New York City, and you can see it at soon. I highly recommend that you follow Kristen on Instagram and check out her amazing photography.

My attire: #TrinaTurk dress, #Nordstrom Jet jewelry, a necklace that Carolyn Curtis had made for me in a Chinese market, #BadgleyMischka earrings, Moyna clutch, #Prada wedges.

Day 280, Year 3: I made Julien-K’s cut


My cousin Pat took me to Webster Hall in NYC to watch Julien-K be electronic, alternative dance, awesome. What a fantastic show. I love their music, as well as their persona. Everybody was welcome to say hi or get an autograph after their set. And you bet that’s what I did.

This is a first for my photo of the day. It’s not a photo, per se, but a photo can have a loose interpretation in today’s digital world. I’m proud to share a screenshot of cut 3:07 from the band’s “Thank you New York” video, which can be viewed here: Check it out to hear a great song, as well as see me hug former Orgy frontman, Ryan Shuck, who is both a talented and amazing person.