Day 189, Year 3: #SMWNYC


Ann Strini and I are sitting front row at Socialbakers’ panel on “Everything Video” at Social Media Week in NYC.

The room is packed. Chris Anderson, Jessica Hansen, Jan Rezab, and Michael Scissons present on why 2015 will be the year of Social Video.

My key takeaways:

* Upload video natively in all platforms and don’t look at a view as 1:1. A 6 second view is different than a 30 second view.
* Discovery is moving away from Google into spaces like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
* The rise of brands spending on Facebook is an economy. It’s an efficiency platform, not a bidding platform.
* Use hybrids for video content. Video can be pricy. It’s ok to animate photographs and offer it up with a play button. It’s ok to do fun things.
* Brands are over producing content today. 3 posts per week is enough on Facebook, if heavily promoted.
* Virality has no long term value in brand awareness. Think Shareability instead.